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Su Kayağı Başlangıcı

Events and Activities

Radisson Blu Kaş welcomes its guests with a magnificent view, on the shores of the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Our hotel, which stands out with its modern and elegant design, is the ideal place to host all kinds of events.

Journey to Wellness with Yoga at Radisson Blu Kaş

Yoga, which is a perfect way to unwind and rest your mind after a stressful day, is offered exclusively to our guests at Radisson Blu Kaş. You can participate in yoga practice with our professional yoga instructors on our sea view terraces or in our garden surrounded by greenery.


 Sea View Yoga Lessons: Yoga classes held at Radisson Blu Kaş take place accompanied by a magnificent Mediterranean view. You can balance your body and mind with breathing exercises and poses in an atmosphere of freshness and peace.


 Private Yoga Lessons: You can take private yoga lessons tailored to your personal needs and skill level. Our professional yoga instructors will be with you to determine the most suitable practices for you and contribute to your personal development.


Yoga and Meditation Retreats: Yoga and meditation retreats held at Radisson Blu Kaş are the perfect opportunity to deepen and discover yourself in a calming environment. Integrating with nature and restoring inner peace, these retreats are an ideal option for mental and emotional relaxation.


Rebalance your body and mind and achieve inner peace by participating in yoga activities at Radisson Blu Kaş. Enjoy yoga with unique views and open the doors to a healthy life.

Novva Hotels Antalya Kaş
Novva Hotels Antalya Kaş
Novva Hotels Antalya Kaş

Istanbul Meyhane Nights at Radisson Blu Kaş

Novva Hotels Antalya Kaş

Radisson Blu Kaş offers its guests an unforgettable Istanbul tavern experience. Join us for nights full of unique tastes, live music and a friendly atmosphere.


 Traditional Flavors: The most popular flavors of Istanbul tavern culture are waiting for you in the menus carefully prepared by our hotel. Fresh seafood, local appetizers and delicious kebabs will delight your palate.


 Live Music Performances: We crown our fun Istanbul tavern nights with live music performances.


 Friendly Atmosphere: Don't miss the opportunity to have a pleasant time with your friends in a relaxing environment. Our Istanbul tavern nights offer unforgettable moments full of pleasant conversations and delicious food in a warm atmosphere.


 Reservation and Details: Contact us to make a reservation for our Istanbul tavern nights or to get more information. Radisson Blu Kaş is pleased to welcome you with traditional Turkish hospitality.

Novva Hotels Antalya Kaş

Wedding & Engagement

Do you dream of a romantic wedding or engagement?


Radisson Blu Kaş offers the perfect place to immortalize your unforgettable moments. Our sea view terraces and stylish interiors allow you to reach the heights of romance.

Novva Hotels Antalya Kaş

 We offer our guests a fun and enjoyable experience with various holiday events organized at our hotel during the summer months. Book your place at Radisson Blu Kaş for pool parties, beach activities, concerts and more.

Holiday Events

Novva Hotels Antalya Kaş

We are at your service with our modern and functional venues for business meetings, seminars and conferences.


Our halls, equipped with high-tech audio and video systems, allow you to conduct your business meetings efficiently.

Meeting & Seminar

Novva Hotels Antalya Kaş

For birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties and other special celebrations, Radisson Blu Kaş offers a unique atmosphere. Our dedicated event planners will collaborate with you to make your celebration unforgettable.

Special Celebrations

Time to Celebrate Creativity 

Radisson Blu Kaş is the perfect venue to celebrate art and creativity. Our hotel offers its guests an inspiring experience with art events and exhibitions. Are you ready to be fascinated by art and make new discoveries?

Art Exhibitions

Art exhibitions held in our hotel bring together the works of local and international artists with our guests. Exhibitions enriched with paintings, sculptures, photography and other art forms are displayed in the elegant atmosphere of our hotel.

Art Workshops

Join our art workshops to explore your creativity and improve your art skills. Enjoyable and instructive workshops are organized in painting, sculpture, ceramics and other branches of art, accompanied by experienced artists.

Live Performances

Live performances held in our hotel offer examples of music, dance, theater and other branches of art. Events featuring local and international artists provide our guests with an unforgettable experience.

Art Talks and Panel Discussions

Panel discussions and art conversations with leading names in the art world offer our guests the opportunity to delve deeper into art. These events with artists, curators and art critics are a unique opportunity for art lovers.

Are you ready to have an experience full of art events at Radisson Blu Kaş? Visit us today to be fascinated by art and discover your creativity.


The Mediterranean is waiting for you!

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