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Technically necessary cookies are set on this page for the functionality of our site. Cookies and tracking mechanisms, which do not technically need to be kept but allow us to offer you a better user experience and personalized offers (marketing cookies, advertising and tracking mechanisms), analyze our internet traffic and provide social media features, are only used if you give your consent. You can check the box below to send us your consent or to withdraw your consent with effect for the future. For detailed information, please review our Cookie Policy. If you would like to disable all cookies, please go to your browser settings and disable the use of cookies.


When you visit our websites, mobile sites or mobile applications, we collect your personal data for many different purposes through "cookies". We aim to provide you with as much openness and transparency as possible on this matter.


This policy has been created to explain to you what cookies are and how we use them. We also explain the different types of cookies we use and how you can change or delete them.

We hope that this policy will provide you with understandable information regarding the use of cookies and help you feel safe. If you have further questions about this topic, please feel free to contact us.

This cookie policy may be changed at any time for revision purposes. Take a look at "LAST UPDATED" at the top of this page to see when this cookie policy was revised. Any changes to this cookie policy will become effective when we make the cookie policy available on or through our Site.

For more detailed information about your personal data collected through cookies, please contact KVKK.

Please review our Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

What is a Cookie?

A browser cookie is a piece of data stored on your device that helps websites and mobile applications remember information about you. Other technologies associated with your device, such as internet storage and locator, may also be used for similar purposes. In this policy, we will refer to all other technologies as “Cookies”.


For What Purposes Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies to protect your data and account, identify the most popular features, count visits to a page, improve user experience, keep our services secure, make our website more user-friendly and adjust our website to your interests and needs, and engage in online behavioral advertising activities to our users. . Cookies remember information about you to perform the functions mentioned above and thus help us provide these services to you.

Cookie Types

Below we have listed the types of cookies we use on our website, mobile site and mobile applications. Please review the KVKK Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy for more detailed information about your personal data being processed through these cookies.


Essential Cookies: Essential cookies are required to provide access to our website, mobile site and mobile applications and for them to function as intended. It also allows you to benefit from services and related services. In the absence of essential cookies, it will not be possible for our website, mobile site and mobile applications to function smoothly for you, and some of the services you request may be interrupted.

Cookie Type and Why Do We Use This Cookie?


Session: Session cookies are used to maintain the state of the application.


Load Balancing: Load balancing cookies are used to distribute assets globally and alleviate server load.


User ID: User ID cookies are used to ensure that users only see their own information.


Security: Security cookies are used for security checks and checks.



Preference Cookies: Preference cookies collect your personal data about your online behavior and preferences, and remember your language options and other local settings, thus helping us customize your use of the site.

Cookie Type and Why Do We Use This Cookie?


Language: Language cookies are used to store the language chosen by the user and display the correct options.


Location: The approximate address (city, state, country, postal code) of the user determined by the IP address is stored to automatically select the appropriate country and display retail and promotional days within that region.


Mobile: If the user is viewing the site on a mobile device, a cookie is sent to indicate whether the main website or a non-Flash mobile website (in other words, the device is suitable for Flash) has been selected.


Reference Site: The reference site is recorded to better understand the user's preference.


Last visit and activity: Last visit date, activity and other information are recorded to provide users with an update on "what has changed since your last visit date" and to better understand the user's preferences.


Last watched video: The date and title of the last watched video are recorded to better understand the user's preferences.


Immediate cookies: Immediate cookies are used to enable the playback of audio and video content.


Page History: Page history cookies are used to keep track of the order of sites visited by the user. If the user receives a warning while visiting the site, cookie information is recorded in the log for error notification and resolution.

Social Plugin Tracking Cookies. These cookies are used for market research analysis and product development by tracking social media users.


Cookie Type and Why Do We Use This Cookie?


Facebook: Cookies are used to track Facebook members for market research analysis and product development.


Twitter: Cookies are used to track Twitter members for market research analysis and product development.

Please note that if you remove or block the cookies we use, it may have some impact on your user experience on our website, mobile site or mobile applications and the site may no longer be usable. Unless you change your browser settings to block cookies, our system will set cookies when you visit our site or click on a link in an e-mail sent to you by us, even if you have previously deleted our cookies.


To Contact Us

If you have any other questions about our "Cookie Policy", please contact us at the following e-mail address:

Additionally, if you contact the address below, we will be happy to assist you with your questions within the framework of our "Cookie Policy".

Cookie Policy

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