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Mekvin Hotels Kaş

Enjoy in every moment...

We wellcome unforgettable moments in our hotels where unique experiences are experienced, every details prepared with care and love. We passionately bring together pleasure, simplicity and elegance with our simple, modern and minimalist style.

Unique holiday experience right in the heart of the Mediterranean

Mekvin Hotels Kaş Radisson Blu
Radisson Blu kaş

Discover the endless depths of blue and green with the fascinating location of Radisson Blu Hotel Kaş.


Mekvin Hotels Kaş Light House
Mekvin Deniz feneri Light House

There are so much to see, feel, drink, taste, touch and do here. Deep blue waters, nature like a jewel and so on...


Mekvin Hotels Kaş Villa Suites

Discover the divine. Dance with the gentle wind and let it refresh your soul. Lie back on the pearly sands and discover hidden beaches and sparkling waters.

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Mekvin Hotels Kaş
Mekvin Hotels Kaş

Refresh your energy with Spa-Massage

Choose one of the full body massages which you wish to have; Relax, purify and refresh with Aromatherapy, Classical Massage, Swedish Massage.

Mekvin Hotels Kaş Spa

A Land of Light "Lycia"

Rediscover the interesting historical texture of Kaş and share in the unique Kaş adventure.

Mekvin Hotels Kaş


We adopt a sustainable flavor approach that extends from field to table, and take all our guests on an unforgettable gastronomic journey in the most natural and fresh form of everything, under the leadership of Excutive Chef Özkan Acar, accompanied by Executive Sous Chef Eyüp Demirci and Sous Chef Mert Kaplan. Special delicacies prepared by local producers with quality seasonal ingredients make every moment special with the magnificent harmony of the large wine cellar and expertly prepared cocktails.

Mekvin Hotels Kaş Gastronomi


Everyone has the right to have a holiday with their little friends.

At Radisson Blu Hotel Kaş, you can have a comfortable and safe accommodation experience with your cat or dog, regardless of age or weight, and discover the unique spirit of the Mediterranean together.

We are Pet Friendly!

Mekvin Hotels Kaş Hayvan Dostu
Mekvin Hotels Kaş

The Mediterranean is waiting for you!

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